Industry Journals & Publications

National Institute of Standards & Technology, August 2019 - Security Strategies for Microservices-based Applications (Named Reviewer)  

Internet Engineering Task Force, August 2019 - OAuth2 Device Authorization Grant RFC8628 (Named Reviewer)

British Computer Society, ITNow Journal, June 2019 - Role of Identity Management within Digital Transformation


ISSA Journal, Volume 13 Issue 3, March 2015 - The Identity of Things: Security & Privacy Concerns 


ISACA Journal, Oct 2012 - Identity Mining & Insider Threat Monitoring

Blogs & Research

Founder of "AuthYard"

Market analysis and research on authentication & authorization technologies

Founder of "The Cyber Hut"

Architectural commentary on modern cyber security

Founder of "The Identity Cookbook"

Implementation and design techniques for digital identity and access management